The only way they can know what your house will sell for is if they are the buyer. Are they? Or are they “buying” your listing by quoting an unrealistic price?

Motivated prospects to buy will compare your home’s features, benefits, and price to determine overall “value.” The other agent will have the same pool of prospects for your home that I will. Neither he nor I will likely sell your home. I will, however, be the reason your home sells, and for a price, terms, and time line that best meet your needs.

If you have the time and want to control all the details and be involved in managing the whole process, doing it yourself might be right for you. However, the right agent will net you more than you can on your own.

If you are interested in exposing your home to the largest pool of prospects to secure the very best price and terms, have an experienced professional with a proven track record handle the transaction for you, minimize the time you spend monitoring the process, and not have to deal with the stress yourself, you should consider hiring an agent like me.

When you select me I consider myself an employee. That means you can fire me at any time if I don’t meet or exceed your expectations.

Would you allow a newly licensed surgeon to perform surgery on you because he was a friend?
Friendships are best maintained when they are kept friendships. Business is business and I will be a business professional in our relationship, acting as a guard dog for your equity.

The buyer of your home won’t know you are “negotiable.” Buyers shop the available inventory and choose the best value—the one with the best features and benefits for the price.

If there is another home similar to yours listed for less money, a purchaser will compare your property with it and buy the other one—and likely for list price—rather than make an offer on yours for less than list. Wouldn’t you likely do the same?

Some agents discount their fees, and they should! Has there ever been a time you chose the “bargain” brand to save money and it cost you more in the end?

The fee you pay is not mutually exclusive from the money you pocket. While I may charge more, I won’t cost you more. My company affiliation, marketing plan, negotiating skills, and attention to detail will result in selling your home for top dollar and settling in a time frame that meets your needs. And most importantly, you will pay me! A low commission on NO SALE does not accomplish your goals.

If you need to think it over, I haven’t been effective in demonstrating the value of my services. What questions do you have?
If you were crossing the desert, you’d need enough gas to get to the other side wouldn’t you? Our agreement will allow me to work in your best interests as long as it is active. I need enough gas to take you through the marketing, negotiating, and closing of your home!
Are you a gambler? Whether your answer is yes, or no, you probably want great odds that your home will get sold, don’t you? And will making contacts increase those odds? Exactly!

Marketing is increasing the pool of prospects to maximize value. I’m sure many of the folks in your neighborhood didn’t start out looking here; it’s just where they ended up. In fact, most buyers are “converted” from one neighborhood to another because it has an available product that appeals to them and better meets their needs.

If there isn’t anyone specifically looking for your neighborhood, the neighborhood “expert” is essentially out of business. How would that help you get your home sold?

Because we get homes SOLD! I have enclosed my track record for your review.